Awful kitchen lights! any ideas

Mark No-Comment
5 November 2017
In the middle of my kitchen is a large recessed fluorescent light fitting, it's set in a big hole in the ceiling roughly 29cm by 165cm and contains a 58w T8 fluorescent lamp behind a translucent panel (and moth trap). It's probably cut 20 cm deep into the ceiling.

I'm sure this was the height of fashion in 1964 - but now it's just a not very bright, not very attractive source of light. I want to replace it. LED might be nice!

But, here's the issue, if I take the fitting out I'll have a big ugly hole in my ceiling and it won't be easy to fill the gap and hide it. Anyway, I'll still need lighting.

So, does anybody know of a source of recessed light fittings that might fit?

Here's a couple of photos of the ugly brute (on and off) with the translucent panel removed.



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