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A well-landscaped garden is a thing of beauty, yet in most homes it is the last to receive design attention. A beautiful landscape will not only add to the visual appeal of your home but also enhance your lifestyle and enjoyment of being at home. The options for your garden design can be as elaborate or low maintenance as you desire, depending on your lifestyle and interest in gardening. But before you start planning, digging and sowing remember your garden ideas should complement your home's style. Remember, plants and landscaping can add colour, texture and even fragrance to your home. Start designing your own landscape by browsing garden images to help you get some inspiration for the layout, design, decor and plants.

How do I pick a garden design?

In most homes the garden area is located at the back of the house, but there is always some space in the front to spruce up. The front landscape is your chance to make a great first impression, so it should be consistent with the style of your home. A flower garden is a great option, but if maintenance is an issue you can opt for low-maintenance succulents or bushes instead. If you don’t enjoy gardening or have limited space in the front, stick with a lawn and create a gravel pathway, then add some fun garden decor like a small water feature, bird feeder or creative welcome board to add some warmth to the entrance.

Back gardens offer more space and hence serve a more recreational purpose, so it’s important to know how you want to spend time here before you design it. Typically, this garden is where your fruit trees, bigger flowering shrubs and possibly a vegetable or home garden will go. Also, install structures such as patios, decks and gazebos that complement your garden design. Pick garden furniture for entertaining and playtime with seating, dining areas, play spaces. If you are constrained by space, a bench in the garden makes a great reading or meditation spot. Remember the finer details, like artfully-placed decor, lawn edging, and outdoor lighting to add definition and enhance your most basic garden ideas.

How do I design a garden in a small space?

Don’t let the lack of space ruin your dream of a garden. Small gardens can be designed to flaunt. Plan your garden design according to the layout of the area. Ensure your garden plan focuses on maximising the space, so think about vertical gardens, container gardening, hanging pots and mini water gardens to display your plants. Add elements like a small water stream or mirrors to amplify the visual appearance of the garden.

Overall, well-executed landscapes with the right plants, flowers and shrubbery can greatly enhance your home by adding colour, texture and even fragrance to your garden, so don’t be afraid to treat your landscape like you would any room in your home

Archana Vikram
the expanse and simple design - sheela_kedarinath

the way sand is put in the background gives a beach feel! the pool's surrounding area can be covered half by sand and half by other tiles or something - kjo72343

Prabu Shankar
clean water and contained lillies - coolnerd9

back wall and inner wallls lighting - ranjana123

wall cladding and some water pond in the varandha itself - soniagarg76

Ishita Sitwala
Plunge pool and pathway facing open to sky mural wall - machindranath_chari

Lounge chairs - mishugupta88

A large folding sliding door and full width roof light allow light to penetrate deep into the space while opening the room to garden and sky. Angled bricks create a textured plinth either side of the doors and break up the totality of the London stock brickwork elevation.

Walpole Garden, Chiswick Photography by Caroline Mardon - www.carolinemardon.com

Photo - Urban Angles
big trees in background, pebbles, vertical green on left - rkumar_roshan

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