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Nothing spells luxury like a swimming pool or hot tub at home — there’s just something about indulging in a cold swim on a blistering day or taking a dip in a warm pool on a chilly evening. Besides being a nice place to cool off, pools can add visual interest and tremendously increase the value of your home. As you plan your jacuzzi, small plunge pool or outdoor pool in the garden take a dip into these swimming pool images to help you get started.

What are my swimming pool design options?

When building or remodelling your pool, start by mapping out the available space. Depending on the location of the space, consider what size, shape and style might work best for your home. If you have a large space in your garden or rooftop, you can explore outdoor swimming pool designs. Keep in mind, outdoor pools not only take up a lot of space but can be expensive to install and maintain. If you don’t quite have the space or budget for a large swimming pool design, there are plenty of small pool designs and ideas to work with like a simple plunge pool or a rectangular lap pool for a narrow space. Plunge pools can easily run along a boundary wall or down the side of your house. These options are fairly low maintenance and might do a double duty as a swim spa but remember to take into account the drainage and safety features required.

Indoor swimming pools include hot tubs, jacuzzis and above grounds pools. These are relatively easy to plan and install. Most of these units are readily available making them cost effective and moveable. If you opt for one of these be sure to ensure you have proper storage for the unit when it is not in use.

What material should I use for my pool or jacuzzi?

The quality of your materials can easily dictate the life of your swimming pool. Although vinyl is the cheapest option, it also is the least durable. Concrete and fibreglass are popular, sturdy options, while metal above ground units last longer than plastic ones. Liven up concrete or fibreglass, and the overall appeal of swimming pools, by adding a colourful mosaic tile border or interesting stone to create patterns. If the swimming pool is in your garden, use a natural-looking material to seamlessly integrate the pool into your landscape, or opt for an infinity edge with a view if you a rooftop pool.

What swimming pool accessories can I add?

Swimming pools and hot tubs are naturally soothing and fun, but you can still take your pool to the next level with a few add-ons. Install a diving board or slide to make swimming more enjoyable, and add floats and toys, especially if you have kids using the pool. Also don’t forget to add seating and sun protection, like lounges and umbrellas; this will ensure everyone can enjoy the swimming pool, even if they aren’t in it.

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Approach with a themeThemed pools are fun. Bring a sense of adventure into your pool deck and design it around a theme – Balinese paradise, or perhaps jungle madness? You can go in for simple landscaping around the perimeter or opt for something more elaborate. For many, a bit of landscaping also really helps make the pool area more private. In this pool, the space is accentuated with a landscaped boulder hill. The sculpture, the unique ottoman and the towel rack add a bit of quirkiness to the a - trust_computer

Swimming pool and a tree beside it... I would have my chairs under them... - vsp_vidyasagarpanati

I like the open look from the pool to the hall - sunaina_somu8

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House with breathtaking indoor pool! - dream_realty

The artificial waterfall flows into the swimming pool, generating a pleasant microclimate through evaporative cooling, while creating serene views for the living and entertainment spaces.
the dark blue tiles and blue lighting in the pool give a refreshing and cool feeling as opposed to the warm lighting in the outdoor patio - webuser_167658

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Indoor swimming pool with an open roof plan. But mine will be circular and in the centre of my living room. - ttrushna

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Dry nice wall cladding with lights on wall - webuser_619224

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