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Your bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. With increasingly common fast-paced lives, it is important to have a space to unwind. Bedrooms should have a vibe that reflects your personality and instantly lets you relax and recharge as you escape everyday life. You can set the tone of your bedroom by making tiny decor tweaks or by planning a complete overhaul of the bedroom design. Start thinking about the bedroom of your dreams right here by browsing these bedroom ideas.

How do I start the bedroom design process?

Bedrooms are extremely personal, so start by defining your style. Do not get hung up on popular bedroom trends. If you have the luxury of planning a new bedroom design from scratch, avoid creating a layout that lets you look directly into the master bedroom from a shared space, such as the living room or kitchen. Also, it’s always nice waking up to a view, so pick bedroom ideas that focus on a vista, rather than the bed itself. The bed is the focal point so decide the size and style carefully. Remember, style is important when selecting the frame but comfort is key for the mattress.

How do I determine my bedroom layout?

The placement of the bed and other larger pieces of bedroom furniture, like the chest of drawers, night stand and almirahs will help in determining the layout of the master bedroom. Start by picking a bed spot; ensure it isn’t underneath a window or next to a door, even the smallest crack can stream in light as you try to fall asleep. Build out the rest of the bedroom design by arranging the other elements based on ease of use. Also, remember that good bedroom layouts must provide plenty of walking space and enough room for drawers and cabinets to open properly.

How do I select colour schemes and bedroom decor?

Colours are mood enhancers, so the right bedroom colour schemes can improve the quality of your sleep.
Green and blue schemes are excellent choices for bedroom interiors. Green possesses healing quality while blue has a soothing effect. White is a popular choice as it reduces stress and also has a neutral effect giving more room to colourful decor elements. If your master suite is large try to play with dark tones to create a warmer look.

When it comes to bedroom decor ideas, your options are endless. It’s helpful to start by tackling the more permanent things, like wall decor. Create a feature wall – paint it with one vibrant colour, select a wall sticker or pick out some bright bedroom wallpaper. Add splashes of colour through bedding and accessories – lampshades, rugs, pillows and throws for understated elegance, or try black and yellow for a scheme that is a little more daring. For a truly dreamy effect, try soft, smoky blues with white linen and a dash of light grey.

What is the best way to design and decorate a cosy bedroom?

Clutter is the biggest enemy of cosy bedroom designs. So opt for bedroom layouts with lots of storage ideas like a high bed with lots of room for boxes and rolling under-bed space. Wall-mounted shelves and fitted wardrobes on either side of the bed are perfect as they can create much-needed space for hanging clothes whilst creating a cosy nook to sleep in. As far as bedroom colour schemes are concerned use neutral or pale and simple colours to create the feeling of extra space. Ensure your bedroom furniture choices are multi-purpose for example, a dressing table can double as a workspace and a dressing stool with a lift-up lid offers hidden storage. Add patterns and textures to complete the look of the space with bedding linen. Sumptuous bed linen is one of life’s great luxuries, so cocoon yourself in quality fabrics.

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Bungalow at Pune

window shade. could go great with a light green wall paint. - hadi_a_

Completed Project 2

hanging light, pelmate, false ceiling behind headboard - jyotirmoy_sharma


Use of wood in Indian contemporary style / play with colours - sanjana_masilamani27

KR Home

I like how the walls are made very rich by adding so many different things. Perhaps can consider this set up for library - judi666

B - Two Project

Marble Flooring, Tan Linen - gautam_thukral

Ekta Prime Villa

Ricken Desai Photography
Windows - sharanya_ds

Art Deco Mumbai Apartment

Prashant Bhat
Slider door of the storage between dinning and lounge - shalini_chugh71

R Farmhouse

Eye piece
4 Poster bed with Vibrant Colors - aditirawat

SB Apartment Bedroom

curtains bed - atul_jadhav12

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Photographix India
- Cute side table attached to wall for morning coffee! - saravanan_lokanathan

Duplex Designed by BNK Group

Bedroom 3 inverted triangles in wall with light fixtures; top of draperies enclosed under top portion of wall; wall opposite bed is wooden panel strips which accentuates tv. - cherylsnap

Apartment @ 11

Loved the COncept of side tables. Can use in Vihaan’s room. - pjain14

Interior 1

white blue concept with wooden - vishnu_agarwal23

Badalbhai bungalow

Inclined Studio
if small study tunrs into closet, bedrooms can be spacious like this - rupaliarte

Bachelor Pad

Kunal Bhatia
bed room concepts - janki_shah50

Ekaa - An island in the sky

Pallon Daruwala
Bed located in the middle of room; bathroom with an open floor plan on one side of room; wall over bed head has a large N monogram on wall; on 1 side of room wall is blue stone; leading to relaxing area which is off bedroom--wall and floor is blue stone with overhead chandelier; poles around bed with light fixtures in ceiling. - cherylsnap

Wadhwani Residence

Designed by - Office of Contemporary Architecture Photographed by - Ravi Chouhan, Sapna Jain
bed backdrop, 3d design bedrest - ykp530

Contemporary Bedroom

master bedroom wooden panels - webuser_549454108