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The warmest space in most Indian homes is the kitchen — literally and figuratively. This is where you spend most of your time cooking, sharing meals and entertaining. Hence, it is really important that your kitchen design is the perfect balance of style, functionality and your personality. You can achieve this balance even in small spaces or with simple kitchen designs by planning the layout carefully and ensuring the crucial components, like the refrigerator, sink and stove, are placed strategically. Several other changes like the placement of kitchen decorations can be made during a renovation to meet your needs. Take a look at beautifully designed kitchen images for inspiration.

While exploring kitchen ideas there are some things to keep in mind. Browse and save kitchen photos with ideas that are similar to the layout of your current space. This will help in the arrangement of larger appliances. Also, Indian kitchens contain a variety of appliances, pots, pans and utensils so be sure to look for photos with kitchen storage ideas.

How do I plan my kitchen layout?

If you are thinking of a kitchen renovation project focus on the layout. It is crucial as it helps in planning the kitchen storage and interiors. Even if you opt for a modular kitchen you can choose from a variety of kitchen design ideas. U-shaped, galley or single wall layouts are great options for tight spaces. You can have cabinets on both sides to maximize storage space or place a breakfast bench on one side. L-Shaped layouts work well for larger spaces, providing a lot of room for a central island, cabinets and large countertops.

Another kitchen design idea to think about is the golden triangle – where the refrigerator, stove, and sink are arranged in a triangle formation, no more than 2.7 metres apart. Reviewing kitchen pictures will help in visualizing these tips.

How do I maximise kitchen storage?

No matter the size of your kitchen, you always need extra storage. If you have a small kitchen design,vertical cabinets will help maximise the space from floor-to-ceiling. Open kitchens create an illusion of space and utilize floor area well. Kitchen accessories, like baskets, pull out trays and hanging pot holders, are good solutions and aesthetically pleasing. Overall, the aim of kitchen organization is to have clutter free countertops. Clutter free countertops provide ample room for meal preps and act as a serving spot too.

What materials and finishes should I use for my kitchen design?

The style of your home will determine the kitchen interior. Pick a colour scheme to work around. While monochromes schemes are very common, try contrasting colours and textures. Use quartz and granite for elegant yet simple finish. You can experiment with the kitchen flooring by using terracotta tiles to create patterns or laminate flooring to create a hardwood look. The kitchen cabinets are perfect to experiment and play with colours. Try to incorporate pastel coloured cabinet doors to create a warm look or use coloured glossy textures to give the kitchen shiny contrast style.

What kind of kitchen decor should I use?

Kitchen decorations should be functional and help add a good vibe to the room. An aesthetically appealing kitchen will help set the mood while entertaining. Table runners, mats, flowers in bright yellow and turquoise blue will add cheer to your kitchen. The most functional kitchen decoration idea is a chalkboard; it is a fun way to plan meals and jot down grocery lists. Another recommendation is to have a small herb garden or succulent arrangement against kitchen window to lighten up the space.

While looking for kitchen idea inspiration don’t forget to keep the in mind the kitchen layout, storage, finishes and decor must all represent the style of the room.

Also, browse through photos and other decor ideas for the rest of your home on Houzz.

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Add an island…An L-shaped design works well in an open-plan room, as it will fit neatly into a corner and allow people to move around the space easily. However, you could find it a little unsociable, as you’re forced to turn your back on guests while preparing food. If you have room, consider incorporating an island into your design. Even a small unit like this one will add a sociable feel to the kitchen, and bring in an extra work surface and more storage – a win-win.Know these things before de - kurien_thomas65

Cut costs with efficient lighting - Replace old lights with efficient LEDs or CFLs. Make sure there are enough task lights for performing daily activities comfortably. Perk up the design by introducing LED mood lighting under cabinets and toe kicks. Notice the unique scheme of lighting in this picture – use adequate day light, panel lights for tasks and pendant lights for accent. - vinitakunnath

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baffle filter chimney is best for indian homes - drmanish97

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The Kitchen was upgraded three folds with a better planned layout from the existing one turning it into a fully modern and equipped modular Kitchen from Blum with a much better planned servant quarter. Corian counters and wall dados and PU shutters lend a sleek and stark modern look. Prashant Bhat
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Architect: David Seidel AIA (www.wdavidseidel.com) Contractor: Doran Construction (www.braddoran.com) Designer: Lucy McLintic Photo credit: Chris Gaede photography (www.chrisgaede.com)
Very similar to our proposed - vijayabhaskar_sureddi

A strong relationship between internal and external areas was sought for the main everyday living areas of the house, being the kitchen, meals area and dining room. Devices such as the highlight windows within these spaces allow a constant glimpse to the sky, the blurring of internal and external boundaries through the use of external materials within the house and the large openings making visual connections. The stone walls used externally have also been used internally to the south wall of the meals area and the copper soffit lining to the upper terrace runs internally in the bulkhead and ceiling to the kitchen, meals and dining room thereby blurring the internal and external areas. The ceilings within the dining room and kitchen / meals area are lined with timber battens. Along with providing warmth and detail to these spaces the timber battens also conceal acoustic insulation to assist with deadening the reverberant noise. The design and usability of the upper terrace itself was pivotal to the success of the house. It is the external area of the upper terrace that connects to extend the internal areas with the boundary between the two being blurred. A balance was reached between solar access and protection from the rain while maintaining a non-restricted view to the sky from internal areas through the use of glass roofs and automated awnings. Photo by Angelita Bonetti
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Kitchen Backsplash Tile Mural was hand painted add color & interest to this Meditterranean style house.

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