1,98,477 Terrace & Balcony Design Ideas

Escaping the confines of shrinking urban homes and being out on balconies and elevated rooftop terraces is a great way to get some fresh air. Spacious or small, it is a great outdoor area to enjoy your morning coffee, read a book, fine dine or just relax. Most homeowners are resourceful and can adapt any terrace or balcony design to fit their needs. Before you finalize terrace ideas, browse through these rooftop space and balcony images to gain some inspiration.

How do I design a terrace?

Traditional homes were built to maximise outdoor space so it is no surprise that most old homes have a dedicated rooftop terrace. If you enjoy the privilege of a terrace, then ensure it is designed well. While renovating keep in mind the safety, style and purpose of this outdoor area. If you enjoy gardening and are restricted by space on the ground level, a terrace garden is the way to go. TTerrace gardens, like regular ones, can be as simple or elaborate as you need. You can cover the entire surface with soil to create a landscape or opt for a simple terrace garden design with pots. If you decide to landscape your terrace, ensure you waterproof the surface to avoid any leakage into your home. Concrete is the most common choice of flooring, but you can get creative with tact-tiles or red oxide tiles to add a splash of colour to this space.

What kind of terrace decor and furniture should I use?

Deck chairs and rattan chairs are great pieces of terrace furniture as they’re portable and can be moved around your rooftop garden easily — perfect for sun chasers. However, if you want to explore larger terrace designs, think about built-in benches or seating around the sides or corner of your rooftop. Add energy efficient solar lights to enjoy the space at night, and consider placing the lights at floor level to magnify the plants.

How do I make the most of my balcony design?

In most Indian homes the balcony is the smallest outdoor space, making it a design challenge. You can start by adding doors that open out fully, letting the air and light come in. This will help the balcony design seem like an extension of the indoor space.

If you have a small balcony, you can reserve it as a personal space by printing your personality in it. Small balconies should not be cramped with too many elements, skip the bulky balcony furniture and add a floor arrangement or hammock. If you don’t have enough space for plants, try to dedicate a wall for a hanging balcony garden.

Also, depending on your personality you can incorporate decor that involves soft textiles, beautiful vases and flowers. Try to add a small water element to create a sense of serenity and tranquillity.

Remember, a well-planned terrace or balcony can be the perfect retreat after a long day.

Photographer: Anand Jaju
side ralling for balcony above 6' window - sampat_singhjodha

open terrace deck trellis pergola - sukti_dc

great balcony with great flooring - sunanda_chauhan49

the furniture style..!!!! just loved it - vikaskarthik_saripella

NO UPVC yet beautiful - bharathish_prahladarao

Vibrant Ambience - shubhank_shivashankar

Create a rooftop lounge - This rooftop seating arrangement by INC Design Studio is a colourful spin on casual outdoor cafes. The hand-drawn wall mural breaks away from the blocks of red, turquoise and black. See how the lone window shutter bursts out in turquoise, forming an eye-popping focal point along the wall. - pranali_save

deck potential for dit out stea - shilps50

I like whole arrangement of area with wooden polish to fabric - dhwani_patel53

ideas for side wall at terrace - milind_shah46

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Sebastian Zachariah
best of best relaxation seating outdoor - vishal_brar

Nice deck. We don’t need to have bar table and high chairs but rest are fine. - deep_ganatra

every thing wall tile colour + reclaimed wood hanging - anurag_khemuka

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Tommaso Franzolini
Terrace - arunbagaria14