Monsoons in India are best enjoyed in a beautiful courtyard with a steaming cup of tea or coffee. A traditional courtyard design in Indian homes is to have walls on three sides which provides seclusion and privacy. Hence most of the courtyard areas are in the center or are adjacent to the house. A good courtyard design plan will not only be open-roofed but also be seamlessly connected to the house. A courtyard in the home has many advantages. It provides the utmost privacy and creates a microclimate for a variety of plants. In most homes, courtyards are open-air entertainment centers, while others house they serve as an extended outdoor kitchen. While browsing different courtyard ideas keep in mind the following
  • Don't block the view of the rain or blue skies. Don't add fences, walls or creepers that block out the light and air in the courtyard. If you have a really small courtyard inside the house do not add too many plants and make the place feel cluttered.
  • Pay attention to seating. Whatever the purpose, courtyards are a high foot traffic area. The traditional south Indian courtyard homes have stairs on all four sides that not only serve as an entrance but also as seating. Think about adding floor seating and ensure you opt for high-quality weatherproof furniture.
  • Don't be afraid to steer away from the tradition. Talk to a professional about your courtyard interior design. You can be extravagant and have a small swimming pool in your courtyard or be minimalist and have a few accessories or plants and enjoy the simple space.
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