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Sandeep G
8 October 2018
Hello! I need ideas for what can be done above the wall seen in the picture. That is the first thing seen whenever someone enters the house and it will have TV on the right side and a floor lamp on the left side. The gap between will be covered with a white grainy door. The above part should be covered so that the Air Conditioner cooling won't escape from Living Room to the Kitchen. Kindly suggest on what can be done. Any idea is appreciated.

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    Ravi Prakash Architect

    Dear Sandeep,

    That wall becomes a Feature wall for the space in a way. If your budget is good then you may try some elegant rich textured wooden laminated or veneer paneling. Keep the grains of of wood horizontal so that it enhance the width of the space as it appears very narrow. Also match the door finish with the same laminate/veneer so that it merges well with the wall and becomes a part of the paneling.

  • harvinny har
    i would suggest going for a very attractive wallpaper.. as the floor is basic in white you can go for bright colors as red for the wallpaper color.. and also the same wallpaper can be used on tv panel.. otherwise being budget friendly you can ask your painter to texture paint it with some latest designs that are classy
  • Sunita Singh
    these examples might help uh...
  • Sunita Singh
    another options for decor...curtains +lights+wall decor
  • Sonali Dhasmana

    you can add a small section or a sheer partion screen and make a mud area for jackets umbrella shoes etc when people enter the house and so that they dont enter your living room directly. it will give you a better, more square shape for your living room. then it would become easier to design with wallpaper and textures. i suggest bringing in some air plants to hang by the windows. you can bring in some peppy paintings as well
  • rkamatd

    You can cover the wall with some subtle wallpaper that will enhance the look of the living room, also you can make a statement wall by putting different mirrors, that will widen the size of the room. You can add a sectional sofa between both the windows or paint the wall in some bright color making it an accent wall.

  • PRO
    Above the wall you can have glass panels with attractive colourful or muted designs. That way you will have some focal point, which can become a conversation starter, and also the cool draft from the A/c will not enter the kitchen nor the cooking smells from the kitchen into the living room. Also you will have light streaming through from kitchen to the living room.
  • PRO
    The above will hold true if you a door installed between the kitchen and the living room!!!
  • Stuti Satija
    hey what are those shiny stones on the wall
  • Stuti Satija
    hey what are those shiny stone like structures on the wall
  • Sandeep G
    Hey Stuti! Which image are you referring to?
  • PRO

    I think you can use glass to cover the space. Simple frosted stickers can be used to decrease visibilty of glass, this will covere the space , without cutting out light to kitchen also.

    Is the TV wall going to be the same colour. Suggest to have simple wallpapers which will highlight the TV wall making it the focus of the room.