10,65,716 Exterior Design Ideas

Everyone dreams of a spectacular home that stands out amongst the others on the street. The exterior home design plays a crucial role in making guests and neighbours stop in their tracks and gawk in awe. Hence, planning the exterior design of a home is a daunting process of colour choices, materials and balancing shape. Exteriors reflect the overall style of the home and say a lot about the family that lives there; so if you’re not giving the right vibes, it might be time for an update. Take a look through the exterior designs of houses images of front doors, and gates or read on for a few more pointers.

Which home exterior design style will work for me?

Your location, overall sense of style, budget, and current home layout will dictate the style of your exterior. Whether you're a traditionalist, minimalist or trendsetter, there is an architectural design style that will work for you. If you like an old-fashioned look, consider a Victorian, Colonial Revival home exterior. For sleek, modern exteriors, think about a Prairie style, art deco, modern or design. Alternatively, if you want your home to have regional character, go with Mediterranean, or tropical.

How do I give my home an exterior facelift?

While some exterior designs are unalterable, there is a wide range of options available to improve it. Gates, front doors and the pathway to your home are easy to improve without huge budgets. A driveway or pathway must be kept neat and tidy and you can consider updating it attractive tiles or gravel. Repainting or replacing gate that fronts your home can also offer an overnight transformation without breaking the bank. An area to not cut corners, however, is the front door, where spending a little extra can make a huge difference in quality, similarly updating your windows can be a significant exterior project but it is one that has benefits both inside and out, as well as potentially saving you money on energy later. When it comes to updating the facade of your home,exterior paint is the quickest and most affordable way to achieve a makeover, and if you opt for a colour other than white it can really make a statement.

Another big external makeover project that will add character to the most mundane of homes involve adorning the walls with climbing plants – delicate trailing jasmine or bright coloured bougainvillea plants are favourites.
You can make more significant changes in the design your home exterior using wall cladding like adding timber cladding, stucco, tiles, metal or glass.

What colours and materials should I use for my house exterior?

Traditional homes typically use brick, concrete, and exterior paint, while pebble stone, glass, and metal cladding are popular contemporary options. Again, the materials you use will depend on the weather conditions and the statement you want to make. Your budget will also affect your choice.
Think about your neighbours when choosing exterior house colours. Firstly, so you don’t replicate next door’s shade; and secondly, so you don’t stand out like a sore thumb.Explore exterior colour combinations that balance the overall look of your home. If you don’t want to go too bright and bold, paint house exterior elements like the front doors and window trims in eye-catching colours.

How do I decorate the exterior of my home?

A well-done exterior is like the final product, so don’t add on.Avoid the overkill. If you have a lot of space in front of the home, ensure you have a well-landscaped garden. The landscaped space will add visual appeal to the home. Light up your home with sufficient outdoor lighting to make walking up to the front door easy at night. If like to add smaller elements think of home numbers and names in unique fonts and colours add personality and doormats & mailboxes to ensure your home offers a warm welcome.
DIYA House

House to naturally bring down the temperature - sirisha40

Photoshoot For www.nivah.in

Deepak Aggarwal
door is very beautiful and large - usha_singh72

Pètè Mane - Sheela Jain Residence

Photographer: Anand Jaju
these small wooden pannels makes the theme different ! and at night glamorous effects of light from visiting spot - kaushal_chokhawala


PRINCIPAL DESIGNER : Yatin kavaiya & jiten tosar DESIGN TEAM : Ar. Nirali bhakta & Chitra sindhkar CIVIL WORK : Mr. Ajay Patel PMC : Mr. Nimesh Panchal
The open plan but covered spaces as well - darshna_patel41

Residence at Alibaug

13. Architect: Malik ArchitectureProject name: Residence at AlibaugLocation: Alibaug, Maharashtra - riddhi_shah60

Asian Exterior

Moriq uses bold hues to break the monotony of a plain facade and give refreshing relief from an all-white colour scheme in this home. Beige is used on the perforated cement railings of the terrace to offset the white backdrop of the building. The white walls and beige jalis suggest the marble and sandstone of Mughal and Rajasthani architecture. The black granite risers of the steps and the golden motifs on the front door contribute to the traditional character of this exterior. - girish_gillakamsetty

L- Plan House Designed By Khosla Associates & Photographed By Shamanth Patil J

Shamanth Patil J
Glass walls location of pool and frontage to grass - webuser_670976905

Private Residence at Thrivandram

Soft and soothing colors are used to create a luxurious feel. Feature wall creating a focal point inside the space, while the marble adds to the natural feel to the setting.
Buddha statue n flooring - webuser_549454108

Infinity House

Loved the elevation - pmehta15__

Sellwood Library House

This turn-of-the-century original Sellwood Library was transformed into an amazing Portland home for it's New York transplants. Lincoln Barbour

La Canada Residence

oi8 - ashkuva

Dennis Wedlick images

Photo courtesy of Dennis Wedlick

Modern Bungalow

WHOLE HOUSE RENOVATION AND ADDITION Built in the 1940s, this cottage had an incredible amount of character and personality but was not conducive to the way we live today. The rooms were small and did not flow well into one another. The renovation of this house required opening up several rooms and adding square footage to the back of the home, all the while, keeping the curb appeal of a small cottage. Photographs by jeanallsopp.com
grill design for entry porch - deepika_dasyam

Window Design Center June 2011

Marvin Windows and Doors Tim Marr of Traditional Carpentry Inc

Cottage Exterior

beauty - samuel_ralte

Camp Callaway

side entrance - mary_geraldin