Modular Kitchen Designs & Ideas

What is a modular kitchen?

A modular kitchen is a term for built-in or fitted kitchens as a rule in standard sizes. Don't be mistaken, these readymade kitchens can be modified to fit any different measurements. A good modular kitchen interior can be practical, stylish and manageable. If you are remodeling or want to know more about different modular kitchen designs then keep reading.

Understanding a Modular Kitchen Interior

In today's modular kitchen companies are plenty so most homeowners are spoilt for choice. No matter the shape or layout of your kitchen, you can find a variety of options. U and I shaped modular kitchens are the most popular but many existing designs can be customized to fit any layout. These prefabricated designs take into account space and layout. You can choose from a variety of small modular kitchen designs. The modular kitchen for small space cleverly utilizes space and ensure the sleek look and finish remains irrespective of the space available. The best thing about a new modular kitchen is the easy installation. Given, most of them come ready-to-install there is no need for carpentry, dirt, and dust. The best thing is if you are moving out, many modular kitchen types can be disassembled, transported and reassembled as required. Also, modular kitchen accessories and elements are easy to maintain. Semi-modular kitchens are available and are gaining popularity in urban homes. While modular kitchens colours, designs an accessories are plenty you can mix and match elements to bring your kitchen to life. A standard module has floor wall cabinets, drawers and built-in appliances and ranges. Remember, you can pick specific modular kitchen cabinets and elements to add to your conventional space. While there are so many advantages to these kitchens, homeowners must factor in cost. If you go with this option, ensure that your kitchen is not subject rough use. Browse through the best modular kitchen images to find inspiration for your next kitchen project.

Sreenivas focalpoint
Wrought iron small but long table with chair for kitchen east side wall beside door - soumya_mukherjee93

Add an island…An L-shaped design works well in an open-plan room, as it will fit neatly into a corner and allow people to move around the space easily. However, you could find it a little unsociable, as you’re forced to turn your back on guests while preparing food. If you have room, consider incorporating an island into your design. Even a small unit like this one will add a sociable feel to the kitchen, and bring in an extra work surface and more storage – a win-win.Know these things before de - kurien_thomas65

Cut costs with efficient lighting - Replace old lights with efficient LEDs or CFLs. Make sure there are enough task lights for performing daily activities comfortably. Perk up the design by introducing LED mood lighting under cabinets and toe kicks. Notice the unique scheme of lighting in this picture – use adequate day light, panel lights for tasks and pendant lights for accent. - vinitakunnath

Indian Kitchen at its best!! - soumya_krishna

Ravi Kanade
baffle filter chimney is best for indian homes - drmanish97

Wooden kitchen - subairpk329

Archana Vikram
curvy shape and table design - sathyajith_venugopal

the full cupboards max use of space - webuser_433294094

The Kitchen was upgraded three folds with a better planned layout from the existing one turning it into a fully modern and equipped modular Kitchen from Blum with a much better planned servant quarter. Corian counters and wall dados and PU shutters lend a sleek and stark modern look. Prashant Bhat
kit with grey & white counter top - shadeandhuedesigns

Perfect space for cooking and entertaining.

Jordi Miralles

wood hanging shelf design - sarath_avadhanula

ph. Chiara Allione
Kitchen cabinet with yellow back splash - dinesh_panda

modular interested - lidhin_paul

Proyecto: Ambau Fotografía: Germán Cabo
suitable long design - ravinder_singh44

A U-shape kitchen can be further illuminated with cove lightning, widening the space up! Photo credits: Fauzi Anuar of
My choice of kitchen pure white - shahid_mohammed11

Mauricio Fuertes -
507 kitchen island design idea 1 - webuser_378035007

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