Suggest a color (Asian paint)

Pete S
3 months ago

I am struggling with the right neutral color. I am looking at doing my whole house 1 one shade but I don't want it to be too creamy . I previously had double cream which is very rich and nice but I want to play with blues/greys/teal in living room and double cream is very creamy. I want something more neutral not too yellow. Also want something that will not make the room very dull. I tried morning glory but it has a strong beige undertone and making the room dull/pale. I am looking for a white color which is not very cream/yellow base. I tried camphor also but problem with camphor is it's white and gets dirty very soon. Anyone who has got it right pls suggest.
How is lovesong, eggshell ? I want to paint the walls and ceiling the same color. Pls advice