Please help with ideas for which Caesarstone countertop!

Koel Das
8 years ago

We are going for a blue kitchen from Haecker. Except for the kitchen cabinets against the wall and on the island, none of the other colors ( wall, tiles, countertops) are finalized in this rendering image below. So please don't get biased by the beige in the rendering.The reference image from Haecker is also attached.

Since the base and wall cabinets are both blue , we feel that a grey or darker countertop for the kitchen would be better. We were thinking of Piatra Grey or may be a Coastal Grey for darker countertops. ( We are planning for a tiled backsplash.)

For the island, the back portion of the cabinets which are walnut brown in color are visible. And that is where I am not sure if a Piatra Grey or a Coastal Grey would look good . The kitchen has sufficient to moderate amount of natural sunlight coming in.

While we could always mix up the colors of the countertops and keep the island countertop lighter ( Alpine Mist/Oyster/Shitake/Buttermilk) and the kitchen countertop darker, I am not sure that will be a great idea because there would be too much of colors and it would make the whole place look busy. We are leaning towards Apline Mist and Oyster because they are in the grey family in case we do a mix.

So this is where I need help:

1. If I use a single color countertop, which Caesarstone would you recommend and why ? ( the walls and tiles are not finalized )

2. If I mix up the colors, which Caesarstone would you recommend and why ?

Caesarstone in India is limited to very few : https://www.hafeleindia.com/INTERSHOP/web/WFS/Haefele-HIN-Site/en_IN/-/INR/Static-View/pdfcatalog/en_IN/Caesarstone/index.html?startpage=0.1

Kitchen from (old) Haecker website

Our kitchen rendering (walls/tiles/counter-top not finalized)

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