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Charmaine Leopold

No windows? Why? We are just thinking about these things in the last week as we are doing our coach up. Love the indoor lighting idea for the draws....

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Jaya Jaya

Hahahaa... had this discussion an another site about kickboard lighting... consensus was 'why would you want crumb-lighting?'

I suggested that the weird glow would feel as if Voldemort was about to pop out of a drawer, or that the fridge would shortly be replaced by the tardis.

Couple of people I asked thought it 'looked cool', but I couldn't for the life of me get a reason why.

Of course, that's just my opinion - the world would be boring if everyone liked the same stuff. My Mother-in-law loves it. She loves any lights - fair enough.

I can't understand when you'd be bothered to switch it on... parties? I don't really see the point. Does anyone have and love them? What do you love about them?

I don't really get the lights in the drawers thing, unless the room was very, very dark.

Some of this lighting that companies are pushing now just seems like a profligate waste of power and resources to me. Even with the small power use of LEDs. A kind of 'keeping up with the neighbours' thing.

I think it's fab for places where it's needed, though, like counter tops. I must say that that particular example of backlit stone made me feel a little nauseous. And I don't think I'd want my knees lit up like Christmas, sitting at the island. I'd feel a little exposed!

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Style Precinct Interior Design & Decoration
Great article. A balance of functional lighting and decorative lighting is great for kitchen design especially now as it neatly always is part of a larger living space.

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