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Missy Bee

I do laugh a little at all the negative comments about a raised bar. Mine is currently on a peninsula with a cooktop. I love, love love mine. The bar stool seating is very comfortable (that probably depends on what bar stool you have), and easy to actually sit down on with feet supported by cross support. The raised bar is extremely functional both for working at a lap top or for cooking. I can keep a recipe dry and accessible on the end. I can slide hot things from the oven onto the bar out of my way and the baking sheets can actually overhang the main counter really maximizing space. The bar itself acts like a guardian for the cooktop, keeping little hands and papers from encroaching. It works well for serve yourself style dinner.

I am sad to see mine go after upcoming renovations have been completed. It is being replaced by a storage island 66” by 37”, (counter dimensions of 69” x40”.). It will primarily be used for mixing and baking and off loading from the oven. I am losing about 66” of counter used to support range top cooking and prepping. I am losing a 36” upper cabinet to a new range hood. And I am losing the ability to hide things behind a bar…like my cooking oils, salt and pepper, rolling pin, canisters, vertical recipe piles, cooking utensils. I will be using drawers and cabinets for those things…losing storage for other things.

I am gaining much more functional ventilation by having a hood against a wall versus the downdraft on the peninsula. There will now be a more direct passage from garage/mud room through kitchen to family room avoiding the cooking and dishwashing functions (but passing in front of fridge). I will, I hope, have a more open and larger feel to the great room without having the peninsula intrude into and the bar to divide the living space. It is all a trade off, but the thing I will miss the most is standing at the bar reading recipe books, working on laptop, browsing on the iPad while it charges. Standing up to do these things is more enjoyable and healthful than always sitting…..I found it extremely functional….

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@tinydancer59, thank you for your photo. My husband has been pushing for a moveable or rolling island with our future remodel, but I've been resistant knowing we couldn't have an outlet in it. Our layout is pretty similar to yours (window over sink looks out to yard). I think you have a great idea about trying it, first, to see if the size works and maybe a portable one will have a great advantage in the end.

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Sean Clark

Thanks for this article!:)


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