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Shilpi Srivastava

designmoody, thats why I designed my own kitchen. Had to spent a lot of time, I mean REALLY lot of time on researching, and I am satisfied with the way its coming out to be. Constraints are availability of accessories, and people who are willing to customise pieces as per your wants. Getting a good carpenter is critical, but I am managing with whoever I could get hold of. Yes, it meant lost of money wastage due to rework, because of my lack of knowledge and complete failure of others to educate me. People just sell whats fast moving item, and don't bother any more. My designer in Noida never returned my lacs of money (yes, I paid him in lacs he demanded and I trusted him that he won't cheat given his nice big fancy shop in a mall)that I paid in advance.

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Seshan RamGopal

Your post on various technicalities is very nice, esp the "Golden triangle rule".

The way you presented the article is commendable.

Why not, write an article on "Use of technology in modern kitchen"?


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Nripjit Kaur

Which is better option a modular kitchen or carpenter made kitchen?


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