1,98,941 Corridor Design Ideas

Corridors are much more than passages between rooms and other spaces at home. This area is prime for storage, the display of collectibles, and even more practical uses like a drop zone for boots and umbrellas, or a small library.So take a look at the corridor and landing photos and read on for more advice and ideas to brighten the journey through your home.

Can I put furniture in my corridor?

Most corridors are can be furnished as it doubles up as storage. Corridor furniture comes in a wide variety of designs and styles that are suited for narrow passages and spacious landings. A storage bench, such as a monks bench, coat stand, radiator cover, key stand, slim coffee table
are made to fit hallway designs and provide concealed storage for clutter and a handy surface for decorative items. Make use of hooks and rails for storage of coats, bags, and umbrellas. Also, fill the space with shelves or shelving compartments. Floating shelves offer a chance at creativity, think about adding knick knacks, using it to display pictures etc.

If your corridor is big enough, it can be furnished with seating such as a bench, armchair, rocking chair or beanbag; you could add a small table, lamps, hallway storage boxes, or bookcase (or all of the above!) to create a comfortable nook for reading or listening to music.

How do I incorporate decor in corridor?

Most Indian homes have narrow spaces for corridors, so decor should not overwhelm such a small space. Use the narrow corridors to display items that complement the house’s interior. If you want to display a photo collection, group frames in odd numbers, like three or five pieces. Use shadow boxes and art shelves to display quirky, small accessories and try to rotate them out occasionally to keep it fresh and interesting.
Lastly, don't forget about your ceilings and floors as well. Ceiling lights, chandeliers or wall sconces can act as additional decor while adding a hallway runner is a way to add colour and pattern to neutral space.

Staircase wall niches and sequential cut-outs Photographer: Tina Nandi
LobbiesProject: Fragment houseArchitect: Gaurav Roy Choudhury Architects - jackey_swami

Railing, marble floor; and chandelier. - cherylsnap

Avneesh Kumar
The design of this furniture is actually remarkable - vikaskarthik_saripella

Vikram Ponnapa
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Sebastian Zachariah
the place with good lighting and plesant for to miditation which is good for house - v_____ketha

can make this kind of cupboards that looks jus like a wall in the backdrop - webuser_433294094

Indrajit Sathe
console table is very nice. - arvind2969

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possibly a swing facing a space like this - webuser_94221673991

Table for keys. - tech_user

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widows for bedroom - webuser_191563273

Staircase design and the flooring - satyachandra360

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inner courtyard supported by pillars - rubycountry

Riyaz Quraishi.
I like the ceiling design and the vibrant color furniture with white walls. Decent and minimalistic living room design. - rakshanda_eram

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Entrance Door And Left Side Kitchen - gunda_hemender

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