3,35,933 Entryway Design Ideas

The foyer is the first and last room your guests will see, so think of this space as a first chance to showcase the style of your house. Whether you have a grand entrance or functional passage it is the transition from the public to the private world. So don’t underestimate the foyer’s value, browse through foyer design images to help you explore entrances, foyer designs, and ideas that incorporate functionality and appearance.

How do I make my front entry stand out?

A front door can make or break the home’s entrance appeal. No one wants a front door that stands out for all the wrong reasons, so choose one that is unique, interesting and yet suits the style of your home. Intricately carved wooden doors are great for traditional Indian style homes. While arched door works well for Mediterranean-style homes, and a double door is a great way to make a dramatic entry statement. If your entrance is set back from the facade of your home, try using a lighter or brighter color palette for the door. Add potted plants and a welcome mat to make it stand out. Don’t forget about proper lighting to guide the visitors in the dark. Alternatively, if you want a cost effective foyer design makeover - try painting your door a bright color or adding new hardware for a fresh new look.

What furniture and storage do I need in my entryway?

Foyers have both utilitarian and design roles to play within a living space. The utilitarian aspect includes storage and space to ensure the entrance to your home is clutter free as possible. It is wise to select a few practical items that will help with storage and offer a warm welcome. Coat stands, umbrella holders and shoe racks are practical foyer additions that will keep the area tidy. If you have the space, an armchair or hallway bench will prove useful for perching on when removing shoes and definitely consider multi-functional furniture such as a storage bench for shoes.

How do I decorate my entryway?

For most Indian homes the foyer is a drop zone making entrance decor a challenge. Embrace the space and need by adding decor elements that double up as storage. Use hooks, bowls and bins creatively to ensure the entry to your home is mess free. The foyer decor and elements can be blended seamlessly into the home with details that connect it to adjoining rooms. Think flooring, a well-placed rug, curtains or just wall paint that matches the rest of house. If you have open wall space, add artwork or photographs that make you happy or are conversation-starters. As a final thoughtful touch, place a big mirror next to the front door for last minute appearance checks.
Residence By Atelier Ankit PrabhudesaI

Good One. More space should be there. - mukhlesur_rahman

Awakening by the pool

Sebastian Zachariah & Ira Gosalia ( Photographix)
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Photoshoot For www.nivah.in

Deepak Aggarwal
Boutique hotel - From marvellously detailed doorways to intricate motifs and candle wall sconces, every room of this boutique Moradabad lodge is an enchanting world waiting to be unfolded. Notice how the design aesthetic of these rooms is a polyglot mix of Mughal motifs, colonial stained glass windows and Kashmiri carpets, lending to an eclectic ‘old world meets new world’ - vinitakunnath

Infinity House

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Onella Residence

Entrance foyer
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AS Villa

like the painting...can be present on the wall overlooking the main door - skd_rps

Eclectic Entry

partial roof on second floor - webuser_588662981

'N' House

Verandah entrance - arjun_ravindran

Trusted home professionals turn ideas into reality
Trusted home professionals turn ideas into reality
Contemporary 4 bed apartment

Prashant Bhat
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Suchita's House

Meister Meister
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Cape Cod Beach House Remodel

Two floor-to-ceiling closets were added to the entryway to stash coats and other beach-related items. Photo: Brian Tetrault Productions Builder: C&J Hunt Construction
shoe rack and sitting place - rushank_kamthe

Skewed House

entry water feature - kanupriyapachisia


PRINCIPAL DESIGNER : Yatin kavaiya & Jiten tosar DESIGN TEAM : Ar. Nirali bhakta & Chitra sindhkar CIVIL WORK : Mr. Ajay Patel PMC : Mr. Nimesh Panchal
this could work - jasmine_murmu

Residence for Architect Couple

Ar. Nikhil H. Patel, Chhabiwala
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