78,065 Garage and Shed Design Ideas

Garage and sheds have become a popular part of most house plans.Garages in India are not just rusty and dark carports, they are now built to serve various functions. While garages may have been designed to protect our cars, if you are short on space, the garage or shed is a storage lifeline. You can pick a garage design that helps you keep large, infrequently used items, outdoor supplies, or anything that just doesn't fit indoors. They can also be used as workspaces, recreational rooms or can be converted to studios, with sufficient ventilation, light, and insulation.Here are some garage and shed ideas to inspire and help you design your own.

What are my garage design options?

Depending on your need, you can first decide if you prefer a garage or just a shed. If you are looking for an enclosed or closed carport, then a roof shed or single garage is the way to go. They will offer the right space for multiple cars.On the other hand, if your garage needs to double as a storage space as well as a home for your car you should start by looking at garage designs that are organised and have some clever storage ideas. Floor space in a garage is important, so utilise the three big walls on offer by lining with free standing garage shelving units.

What else can I use my garage and shed for?

If you have the luxury of space and can use your garage or shed for another purpose. A garage plan with good design in terms of light, ventilation and electrical points will make a good home office, outdoor playroom. If you or any of your family members pursues a hobby serious you can dedicate the garage space and develop it as a music room, craft room or dance studio even.

The finnished look. Photo by Bob Trainor

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These wood doors are custom made for us and are called, what else "the Celtic Door"

Rosedale ‘PARK’ is a detached garage and fence structure designed for a residential property in an old Toronto community rich in trees and preserved parkland. Located on a busy corner lot, the owner’s requirements for the project were two fold: 1) They wanted to manage views from passers-by into their private pool and entertainment areas while maintaining a connection to the ‘park-like’ public realm; and 2) They wanted to include a place to park their car that wouldn’t jeopardize the natural character of the property or spoil one’s experience of the place. The idea was to use the new garage, fence, hard and soft landscaping together with the existing house, pool and two large and ‘protected’ trees to create a setting and a particular sense of place for each of the anticipated activities including lounging by the pool, cooking, dining alfresco and entertaining large groups of friends. Using wood as the primary building material, the solution was to create a light, airy and luminous envelope around each component of the program that would provide separation without containment. The garage volume and fence structure, framed in structural sawn lumber and a variety of engineered wood products, are wrapped in a dark stained cedar skin that is at once solid and opaque and light and transparent. The fence, constructed of staggered horizontal wood slats was designed for privacy but also lets light and air pass through. At night, the fence becomes a large light fixture providing an ambient glow for both the private garden as well as the public sidewalk. Thin striations of light wrap around the interior and exterior of the property. The wall of the garage separating the pool area and the parked car is an assembly of wood framed windows clad in the same fence material. When illuminated, this poolside screen transforms from an edge into a nearly transparent lantern, casting a warm glow by the pool. The large overhang gives the area by the by the pool containment and sense of place. It edits out the view of adjacent properties and together with the pool in the immediate foreground frames a view back toward the home’s family room. Using the pool as a source of light and the soffit of the overhang a reflector, the bright and luminous water shimmers and reflects light off the warm cedar plane overhead. All of the peripheral storage within the garage is cantilevered off of the main structure and hovers over native grade to significantly reduce the footprint of the building and minimize the impact on existing tree roots. The natural character of the neighborhood inspired the extensive use of wood as the projects primary building material. The availability, ease of construction and cost of wood products made it possible to carefully craft this project. In the end, aside from its quiet, modern expression, it is well-detailed, allowing it to be a pragmatic storage box, an elevated roof 'garden', a lantern at night, a threshold and place of occupation poolside for the owners. Photo: Bryan Groulx
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Detached 4-car garage with 1,059 SF one-bedroom apartment above and 1,299 SF of finished storage space in the basement.

Basement storage solution that gives the necessary amount of organization for any homeowner.
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Renovation and construction of traditional homes in California is increasingly adopting a design concept that has an eclectic taste for the various architectural styles found throughout the sate. Dynamic Garage Door designs some of the most attractive eclectic garage door designs that are commonly applied to traditional, historical and newly constructed homes in California and the rest of the nation as well. This custom modern garage door was designed with window panels offset to one side for dramatic curb appeal and to resonate the home's modernistic eclectic style. The overlay material is a paint grade eco-friendly material that his highly resistant to moisture, cracking splitting and salinity in the air since the home is located in Newport Beach close to the ocean. The dark paint that was selected makes an outstanding contrast between the earthy colored exterior walls while offering continuity of the rest of the home's windows and doors alike. The actual glass is safety, white laminate glass that offers privacy inside the garage while allowing ample natural light to bathe the interior of the garage during the day. Offsetting the location of the windows also creates dramatic interest and a unique design concept that is formidably trendy in eclectic style homes. Designing and building eclectic style garage doors is one of the many talents our in-house designers and craftsmen do well. Our garage doors are absolutely unique, high-quality and second to nothing. We are leaders in the garage door design industry and our forté is customization! Don't expect to select a door from a preset brochure but rather allow us to innovate, create and inspire your own taste and home's eclectic essence!
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The exteror of the Teracottage "Fancy That" potting shed. The worlds highest quality garden sheds and structures. The building has a Douglas Fir timber frame, tree bark shingle siding, and a european imported hand made clay tile roof, installed on an authentic wood batten system. Hand hammered bronze hardware on a 2" thick custom door. Mahogany window frames with authentic old fashion float glass. Wrap-around cedar window box. This 8x10 foot structure would make a wonderful art studio, reading retreat, home office or of course...you can use it as a potting shed. www.teracottage.com photo by DJS photography