79,180 Garage and Shed Design Ideas

Garage and sheds have become a popular part of most house plans.Garages in India are not just rusty and dark carports, they are now built to serve various functions. While garages may have been designed to protect our cars, if you are short on space, the garage or shed is a storage lifeline. You can pick a garage design that helps you keep large, infrequently used items, outdoor supplies, or anything that just doesn't fit indoors. They can also be used as workspaces, recreational rooms or can be converted to studios, with sufficient ventilation, light, and insulation.Here are some garage and shed ideas to inspire and help you design your own.

What are my garage design options?

Depending on your need, you can first decide if you prefer a garage or just a shed. If you are looking for an enclosed or closed carport, then a roof shed or single garage is the way to go. They will offer the right space for multiple cars.On the other hand, if your garage needs to double as a storage space as well as a home for your car you should start by looking at garage designs that are organised and have some clever storage ideas. Floor space in a garage is important, so utilise the three big walls on offer by lining with free standing garage shelving units.

What else can I use my garage and shed for?

If you have the luxury of space and can use your garage or shed for another purpose. A garage plan with good design in terms of light, ventilation and electrical points will make a good home office, outdoor playroom. If you or any of your family members pursues a hobby serious you can dedicate the garage space and develop it as a music room, craft room or dance studio even.
Greenhouse Living

The interior of the greenhouse makes a perfect place for entertainment or relaxation. Top Kat Photo
The ladder with books - aparnadhanasekarnow

Mather St. Garage

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Rustic Garage with Barnboard siding

Rustic garage with barn-board siding and metal roof cupola

Vintage Craftsman

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Accessory Dwelling Unit

Perfectly settled in the shade of three majestic oak trees, this timeless homestead evokes a deep sense of belonging to the land. The Wilson Architects farmhouse design riffs on the agrarian history of the region while employing contemporary green technologies and methods. Honoring centuries-old artisan traditions and the rich local talent carrying those traditions today, the home is adorned with intricate handmade details including custom site-harvested millwork, forged iron hardware, and inventive stone masonry. Welcome family and guests comfortably in the detached garage apartment. Enjoy long range views of these ancient mountains with ample space, inside and out.

Wyoming Horse Barn

Sand Creek Post & Beam Traditional Wood Barns and Barn Homes Learn more & request a free catalog: www.sandcreekpostandbeam.com

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Yoga Studio

The building is set above the ground to lighten its footprint while its simple form provides an elegant counter point to the surrounding trees and landscape. Photo Credit: Benjamin Benschneider

Flow Wall Storage Solutions

Our Deluxe Sports Storage System will get all your gear organized and off the floor making it easy to get ready for the next journey.


Complete overhaul of front yard including a custom underground “bunker” style garage. Smooth sloping driveway leading into a custom large multiple car garage and private wine cellar. Photo Credit: Darren Sutherland

Gentlemen's Automotive Shop

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Italian Renaissance Villa in Dallas, TX

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