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Nice entrance with little garden space! - dream_realty

Ranjan Sharma
it is very nice but the body color can be changed to light yellow - s_thamil_maran

The art and the ceiling!! And the glass stand.. - kishore_palivela47

The main entrance door 7 feet wide and 10 feet high, clad with veneers of vintage teak from Burma, not just appreciated the elegance of the fore frame, but also adhered to the clients’ anthropometric requisites. The exquisite hand- grip was made from scrap wood which camouflaged with the door. Purnesh Dev Nikhanj
Interconnect with Garden space - stambhaarchitects

Prashant Bhat
Amazing colour scheme - juhi_gandhi

My Newest, i never hit the floor - webuser_346267207

Shamanth Patil J
I like the concept - continuous view from the front door. And I guess one can make it a cosy sit out to boot. - sandratitusst

mirror wall - pinang

Door - jitendragoyal13

We present to you these tranquil outdoors of our very special project in Chennai. We used the unlimited scope with a minimalistic approach to introduce a serene landscape. Our first finished project by the pool with a pergola that plays with natural light and shadows on water during the daytime and provides a laid back lounge feel during the evening. The idea was to use the space for entertainment as well as relaxation without complex elements. Here's our take at adding aesthetics through the walls to maintain the openness of the space. Photo Credits: Ricken Desai | Sonal Desai

Free-Floating Custom Water Feature - Private Residence
A nice seamless partition of water and glass - tbharucha

Project by 7WD Photo Credits - TakenIn www.takenincompany.com

Sameer Chawda - Mumbai
Mural GANESH Engraved Artwork-2 - webuser_619224

Graham Syed
Door - entractedesign

stone wall - venus_velayutham

Patio - aparnagavireddy

Simon Wood Photography
Exterior - arthur_wellesly

renovated front entrance at the magnificent James McNaughton Estate in Little Tuscany Palm Springs, CA