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Small kitchens with very little cabinetry makes no sense to me as you are eliminating so much store. And #2 makes no sense to hang a bunch of pictures on your kitchen wall, at least shelves have some use although I frankly think they look clutter some and are dust gatherers. None of these small kitchens are very appealing.

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Luciana, You say messy, I say a cook's kitchen! Would it look better to you if you used some decorative baskets or boxes to hold some of the food stuff? At any rate, I think your kitchen is inviting and makes one imagine delicious food is made there.

Agree, that it is so good to see a truly small kitchen article!

About open shelving. I've had open shelving in the past and loved it. I do wonder if the design world is getting a bit carried away with the idea. IMO some open shelving is attractive, useful and interesting; too much is, for me, too much. :<)

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Patti Genack

I think you cheated in this article. Only 4 and 7 show the refrigerator which in these times is necessary for any kitchen. I like in number 2 that the sink and stove are across from one another, but I agree with gabifon that shelving would have been better there, BUT I looked at the rest of the photos for that kitchen (house) and no refrigerator. I think that kitchen is twice as long as this photo.... up to our imagination eh?


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