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I'm surprised that people prefer single sinks over double sinks. I used to have a shallow porcelain single sink that I hated. People would say, "Oooh nice a porcelain sink." I would respond with, "I actually hate it. It's so impractical." Now I have a deep stainless steel double sink that I love. The stainless steel sink may not be as 'pretty' as the porcelain, but it is a million times easier to keep looking nice and scratch free. Plus, the extra depth means I can keep a soaking pot hidden from view. I don't like the look of pots soaking or drying in the sink. It may look like I downgraded, but when it comes to practicality I definitely upgraded. Luckily, I also happen to like the look of stainless.

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BDS Contractors

Great story! You can never have enough storage. This is a close up of a project we recently finished in San Diego.

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Vini Arora

Appliance garage is wonderful idea !


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