Bhargavi Ramesh
25 October 2017
What color laminate can I put on the wardrobe if my walls are a light shade of grey?

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  • PRO
    Bindya Vasavada l Architecture & Interior Design

    Go with white, blue or pastel shades.

  • Pooh Rohit

    Ivory white

  • PRO
    Re-innovate designs
    white in self design or light wooden finished because at once after some time when you getting bored of paint colours you changes paint colour then furniture seems odd one because at that time you are not changing colour of laminates and that colours matches in every condition
  • PRO
    Furnito Designo Kart LLP

    Thats true. Go with Rustic wooden light shade laminates

  • Bhargavi Ramesh
    Thank you for all the suggestions.
  • PRO
    Do consider an overall colour scheme. some example below. white surely works. But there can be contrast combinations too even if in soft shades