Need help for our entrance (exterior) wall.

7 years ago
Hi, We are in Mumbai, India. We are renovating the entrance area of our house. I have just put a new name board on the outside wall. Since that is new, everything else looks old. I will be getting the pillars (italian marble) polished and the metal gate will be repainted and all those would look new.
But i was wondering what i should be doing on the wall, which is the exterior of the house, seen by everyone walking on the lane next to our house. Although tiles is one idea, I am not in favour of that. I thought i should put creepers all around on that wall, ensuring that the name-board and the bell are clearly visible. Fyi, on the metal grill (seen above), plants would come on it from inside and that area would get filled up.
Again, if creepers is a good idea, which kind grows faster and is usually preferred for camouflaging a wall.
Look forward to your responses.

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