Need help decorating our family room and kitchen

7 years ago

Our new home is nearing completion. We are looking for suggestions and ideas in decorating our living room and kitchen based on the plan attached. All walls in living room are double ceiling.

1) We plan to put our TV on wall B. We are open to wall mounting or getting a custom made cabinet there.

2) Fireplace has a nice mantle

3) Wall A is really big and tall. I am wondering what to put there.

4) Ceiling has 4 recessed lights

5) Windows on wall D faces East so there will be ample morning light. Windows are really huge. 3 at the bottom and 3 at the top.

6) Flooring is hand scraped hardwood in dark color

Specifically it will help us if you can suggest -
Wall Colors, faux finish ideas,
art work, paintings, pictures ideas
lighting ideas
Blinds / shutters ideas - Is it advisavble to put blinds/shutters on the 3 top windows

Any other suggestions are welcome.