Rustic Arts : Office at satara

Rustic Art's director cabin, in Satara, has been fun to design and conceptualize!
The sunlight from the rising Sun falls through the blinds on the striped painting, illuminating the room, having a personal sunrise every morning as the day commences.
The colour palette of the room is staying true to the company's name. Rustic! All wood finish, with stone top tables, the director's cabin makes you feel rich, as you should. Stripes through the room's length make it larger than life.
The shelves showcase all the products and ethics that Rustic Art believes in, with lightly illuminated lights, which catches one's eye as they enter the room.
Towards the end of the day, little sunlight peeping in through the blinds fall over the two paintings with another personal sunset. Ending the day just to wake up to a sunrise tomorrow!