How to utilize area under this staircase?

2 years ago
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Hello DIY freaks and Design Experts,

Cheers to your great works and inspirations.

May i ask you all a design suggestion? I thought only i have this problem until i found many people asking similar questions regarding staircase in this forum. Ours is a newly constructed house for which the interiors are being done. I need to utilize this area under the staircase well. This area depicted as blue sofa is 10 feet wide and 2.5 feet deep and 1.5 feet tall. Our design engineer suggests a plywood shelf (brown area) to be designed for utility under shorter steps and a faux leather upholstery on the blue area. Though i'm ok with his idea, I some how want to try different view and know your opinion. The wall adjacent to and below the stairs is irregular in finish and is 22 feet tall which goes till my top floor which has a glass shade drawing ample sunlight. I'm really happy with the design he made but little confused about the area below the stairs. It could only seat kids and that too with a slouched back i guess. Also i'm afraid this area will have poor ventilation since the window on your right cannot be opened. So unleash your imagination and please suggest me any alternative design ideas.

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