How are these sizes??

Tanvi Bajaj
7 years ago

This is going to be a long post, sorry!

We're making a new house (big family) and it's going to be a duplex. The in laws and grandmom on the first floor and my husband and I + my brother-in-law and his wife on the second floor.

It's a 300 sq yard plot, 32 feet wide front and 80 feet depth(50 feet depth can be used for the constructed property - rest for garden and balconies and set back)

This is the plan for our floor (2nd floor)

Bedroom 1 + bath/dress 1 - brother in law

Bedroom 3 + bath/dress 3 - me+hubby

Bedroom 2 and 4 - guest/future kids

how are the sizes of these bedrooms and baths?

My bedroom is 14x17.6 (can be 15x17.6 also.. we gave one extra feet to the balcony), is that a good size for a master bedroom? And is the dressing big enough for a walk in closet? I'm feeling like the bathroom might be too crampy.

And the guest bedrooms (or future kids!) might be too small. or are they sufficient?

And the first floor(parents)

The main kitchen and drawing room/living room will be on this floor. The dining room is basically the living room. Are these sizes good enough?

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