Need help with the luminiosity level for my new constructed living room and kitchen/dining area....

10 years ago
I have renovated & reconstructed my house, i am confused with the luminiosity level i can keep alongwith keeping the power consumption to bare minimal... As a result seeking the experts say About the level of luminiosity i should keep for my living room of the size 10' 9" (B) x 19' (L) and the kitchen/dining area of 12' (L) x 19' (B) respectively.

I have a specific theme for lighting wherein i m able to save power as much as possible...Just want to include power saver lighting solutions so that i can use this lighting for a day-to-day usage and not just for some special occassion (except few viz. LED strip lighting...etc).

My main source of lumination would be:

A) 5 or 7 LED of 1 W downlighters

B) LED strip lighting ( only for special occasions)

C) CFL lighting solutions.

Hence would like to have the experts say as with the kind of luminiosity plan comprising recommended no of of lighting of each of the sources i can have..

Pls advise. Many Thanks.

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