Need Help for my living room lightning please suggest me

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago
Hey guys. I am from a small hilly place darjeeling. This is my living room. As you can see it is in the making. But i have no idea what i should do with the lighting. We don't get any interior help in my place, what ever we get is very costly. I need your help friends. I had thought of embedded lightning but the room height have to be reduced, as false ceiling needs to be done they said. And the cost is very high here. So I cant do that. The height is 8.1/2ft. One beam remains in the middle and one on to the right. Because of the middle beam light is a problem to me and all i have in my head is question marks. What and how to do the lighting i dont know. But i like light designs a lot. Please help. The room length is 18 ft and the width is 10ft. So it is rectangular type. I have uploaded pics showing different sides too. Please help.
I have windows on both sides. I think the window on the left of pic will be replaced by cemented wall.
On other side there is a wooden window. We will have carpet on the floor. Our living room attaches with kitchen. I have uploaded photos of it too. Thank you.

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