Technology and Decor: Using Internet Memes to Decorate Your Kids’ Room

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago
Why don’t you get a little unconventional and decorate your child’s room using internet memes? I know it looks a little out there but there are timeless options that your children can grow with (if they want to keep them later, that is).

The very basic definition of memes is an inside joke within a specific community of people that is shared among them either as a video, macro or a phrase. Obviously, the video does not make the cut for interior design ideas, but you can have the macros and phrases added to the walls of your child’s room to make things a little more interesting in there.

Depending on the age of your child, you could make the choices of the memes for them or they could pick them out with you. You need to decide on the general theme of the room to select the appropriate memes while also taking into account the continued relevance of those memes so that you will not keep changing them too often. Make sure you know more about the available memes and what they mean before making a choice.

So after you have selected the meme, there are two ways of going about it. You could get it printed and apply it to the wall or the door or the ceiling or you could paint it to the actual wall or ceiling. If you are not really good with a paintbrush (and I don’t mean a roller), you may have to hire a professional to paint on the meme for you if it really complex like a painting meme or some digital art memes. If it is a simple illustration, you can simply get a stencil and fill it in with the appropriate colors. You can do the same thing with some of your favorite phrases and statements.

If you are going for a painting or a photograph meme, it is best to have the poster professionally printed or get it framed. You could ask if it’s possible to have the meme printed as a so that it can take up and entire wall or ceiling, of course, depending on the outcome you are going for. The advantage of wall papers and posters is that they can come down once the child is over that meme without incurring the cost of repainting the entire room.

With regard to phrases, you can have them carved into their headboard or their vanity or the door frame especially if it is something you would like for them to live by or always remember as they grow up.

The thing about memes is that in all their variations, they appeal to different groups of people based on their personalities and outlooks on life. It is important to get something that reflects what you see in your children, if they cannot make the decision for themselves. Also, allow their input when they are old enough to make the choice.

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