75,154 Powder Room Design Ideas

A well-done powder room is a must have given its proximity to the kitchen and living room. Commonly known as the guest bathroom, half bath or common bathroom in India, it is likely to be frequented by guests or used as a second bathroom by family members. The powder room is always on display and hence, must look its best. So consider browsing through these small bathroom designs for some inspiration.

What’s the best powder room layout?

While planning a small bathroom design, keep these three main objects in mind: the door, sink, and toilet. Pick layouts and small bathroom ideas which make the area feel more spacious. Install pocket or sliding doors to ensure you have more room to think about the placement of the other elements. Common bathrooms call for compact options like wall pedestal or wall-mounted sinks and toilets. Overall, even the layout of a powder room must provide enough space to move around and should not feel cramped.

What materials should I use in my powder room?

There is not much space to experiment, so don’t try to incorporate too many small bathroom ideas all at once. Avoid mixing multiple patterns and textures in small bathrooms; using a bold mosaic tile backsplash and a patterned tile floor can be overwhelming. Instead, pick a statement element, such as the backsplash, countertop or vanity, and choose subtle materials like stone, marble or granite for everything else.

How do I decorate my small bathroom?

As with all small spaces, the common bathroom should be light and bright. Add a window or skylight to let the natural light in, otherwise use angled and ceiling lights with funky large mirrors to brighten up the space. Pay attention to smaller elements like faucets, hardware, and bathroom accessories such as hand towels and soap dispensers to finish the look of your half bath.

Powder rooms or small bathrooms are primarily a place to use the toilet and quickly wash your hands so, keep in mind the ease of use and visual appeal while designing this space.

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