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what a well done home. Classy with an old world charm. congratulations to the architect who combined the 2 flats into one lovely home.
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Vijaya K

"she pulled down walls and existing columns". "This site is in an old apartment building.." I shuddered reading these sentences. Are you sure pulling down columns is a great idea?? That is how whole buildings collapse. No one cares about Italian marble if the entire building collapses. I am not certain that this action was praise worthy even if the decor looks great. Or if this is not the case, please make the required edits. Not only is it illegal to pull down any columns or beams but also to pull down load bearing walls (walls that are thicker than others). A magazine like this has to include a specific comments by a Civil Engineer also in such articles as people get influenced by reading this and might emulate ideas given here.


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