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Allison, my house is up against some tall trees and a ridge on the west side. So I get late afternoon shade over my home. I've been considering sola tubes in the living room to increase the natural light there. Can you or any other readers comment on the impact of sola tubes when they are only receiving ambient(shaded) light? thanks, Marta

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@msmartarose - I had a cousin who put a solatube in his bathroom. The bathroom had no windows and so was dark. With the addition of the tube it was as if there was a window added only better. I was really amazed at how much light that single tube brought into the room.

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Alison Hodgson

msmartarose, If you get sun on your roof at any time of the day, I would go for it but I can only speak for the actual Solatube brand which I highly recommend. I suggest you call an installer to schedule an assessment. They are experts and can help you understand what's possible in your setting to make the best decision. I hope you're able to get some more light.


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