Need Ideas for kitchen layout, island and dining area

9 years ago
Hi. I'll be moving into a new apartment soon. was wondering if I should open out the short kitchen wall that opens into the living room. I want to incorporate a seating arrangement with bar that juts out into the living room. Also I've drawn the dining table where I think it will go best. Also the living room is L shaped right now. I'm wondering if the shorter side of the L should be walled into a small guest room cum office etc. Ideas about colors to use, lighting-where and what type etc. are welcome. I have a lot of antique furniture (rich dark colored but not black) that I will shift into the new house so the colors will have to go with it. :-). I've attached photos of the kitchen, the living room without the wall (drawn by me!) and how i'd like to have it. What do you think?

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