Requesting photos of 48 inch upper cabinets with 9 foot ceilings

last month

We have 9 foot ceilings and are looking into 48 inch upper kitchen cabinets to take them to the ceiling. Our designer feels super confident that they will look amazing. We are worried that they will be too large or look disproportionate to the bottom cabinets. Does anyone have 48 inch upper cabinets with 9 foot ceilings? Photos would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Aura Interiors Studio
    last month

    yes it will look good
    only one issue height is too inconvenient to use
    ladies height is between 5 ft to 5.5 in general
    height above 8' are easily not accessible
    but gap of 12" is again problem
    it give space for insects and unwanted things
    so better cover it
    with long Doors 48"

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