Crack in quartzite

12 March 2019

I just had my quartzite counters installed today. After the plumber left I went to inspect. I discovered a chip out of the island and this huge crack which they clearly knew about because they put something over it. My question is- wouldn’t they have to replace the entire slab and not just try to cover it?

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    EAC Renovation Consultations LLC

    Yes!!! Call them right away. Take photos.

  • GreenDesigns

    No one can see a thing from your non existent photos. A repair is better than new if done correctly. Filling a chip is something you need to learn how to do if you got a sharp edge treatment.

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    J Design Group - Interior Designers Miami - Modern

    If indeed its quartzite it can be fix - however there will always be a line that remains which is like a vein. Now - it also depends on the color to see whether or not it is noticeable. Quartzite is a natural product and should not be confused with quartz.

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  • stucey

    Hopefully the pics came through this time

  • Karen Rose
    Omg! Talk about a poor job of trying to cover it up! Good grief!

    Climb underneath the sink and post pictures of the undermount.

    Also, when was sink installed?

  • chispa

    What is all that staining? Some cracks and fissures are normal in some quartzites, but that staining is a major problem.

  • Sammie J

    Call them right away. Document with lots of pictures from all angles.

  • stucey

    They apparently put epoxy on it. The sink was installed today as soon as they finished the countertops

  • stucey

    and i called the minute i saw it and the fabricator said he will be out to "fix" it tomorrow.

  • Storybook Home
    I’d worry about how that stone was sealed and the type of putty used. Another poster had issues with staining like that and it never got better. The stone wasn’t sealed properly so the putty ‘bled/soaked’ into it. On top of, of course, that epic crack. The whole job is suspect.
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  • Pam A

    Horrible crack, but man you picked a gorgeous stone. I'm so sorry this happened to it.

  • stucey

    I honestly want to ask for my money back and let someone else put my counters in



    Call/write this person and ask his opinion, he is an expert on this subject.

    He will tell you exactly what to say, he is/was a pro who is no longer on Houzz.

    Joe will guide you in the right direction perfectly.

    His advice is professional and sound, I would do whatever he says.

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  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    So sad to have lost Joseph. He is generous with his time and knowledge.

  • cpartist

    Agree with Janie Gibbs.

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  • sheepla

    Wait, why is Joe no longer on Houzz?!

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    Joseph Corlett, LLC

    "Wait, why is Joe no longer on Houzz?!"

    Because the moderators need to be shown the consequences of their actions. So sad that participants have to suffer to make this point.

    Tell the mods to invite Sophie Wheeler back, please.

  • stucey

    I just noticed this this am. This is the same wall, same piece , 2 different spots showing where the counter meets the wall. Look at the difference in gaps

  • millworkman

    Thats not the top but the wall. Walls are never straight and tops are typically strainght, not scribed to the wall wonkiness. Backsplash typically covers that.

  • Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real

    Hello, Joseph! You are missed. I so appreciate your integrity. I am still here because my gabbing is of no real value - just the thoughts of an amateur- not an expert like you.

  • stucey

    Well here’s the measurements of the overhang. Same counter.

  • Najeebah

    Houzz certainly has changed. The regulars with years of experience, willing to give free honest advice are invaluble, and the core of these forums.
    Joeseph is one of the best, Sophie too.

    On a matter like this, I can empathise op, but they're the ones you need. Good luck.