Wardrobes & Storage Units

Planning your storage is by far one of the major aspects of designing your home or just renovating it.
Storage units must not only be planned according to the available space but also keeping in mind various factors like a few stated below:

• Your lifestyle and dressing habbits
• Whose using the wardrobe i.e. Gents, ladies, kids, aged parents, etc.
• The physical aspects of the person using the wardrobe, for eg. height of the person using the unit, eyesight etc.
• Order of usability of items inside the wardrobe, like more used items should be placed in areas more accessible and so on.
• Keeping a balance between hanging spaces and storage shelves, depending on your own way of storing clothes.
• Adding just enough drawers for small items, like accessories, specs, wallets, etc.
All the above factors would help you plan your space effeciently so that you don't tend to fall short of storage or feel any incovenience on using it.
Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions related ro planimg your wardrobe spaces...i'de be happy to help.

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