living room decor

hello everyone
this is my living room...plz give your views for this pic...

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    Wing Feather Impressions
    Quite neatly arranged. carpet appears to be strong enough.
  • Pooja bhardwaj
    it looks good now
    great work
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    RnD Atelier

    Hi Anuragini,

    The furniture layout and the selection of the sofa is good. The colourful cushions really lift the aesthetics of the space. The planter in the corner is also a nice touch. Only thing, since the blue colour echoes throughout in terms of the cushions and the pottery, it would have been great to choose a carpet that does so too. It would have tied the space together even more. Here are some suggestions -


    RnD Atelier


    beautiful nd vibrant
  • tejaswinirn

    Looks very good. You could add brown shade cushions as well because your furniture are shades of brown. Also, a plain carpet would accentuate the room because the cushions and vase are colorful and patterned.

    Also, you could keep minimal decor on the table. Right now, you cannot keep anything else on the table say coffee mugs when you have guests :)

    But, a very good job indeed :)

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    Studio Mosaic


    Add in a rug with a blue texture complimenting your cushions and turn the wall with photo frame to an accent wall. Put up a simple and sober wallpaper or get it texture painted. This will uplift the elegance of your room!


  • rachelra
    Nicely arranged.

    My two cents: Unlike the others I don't recommend a blue carpet. My suggestion is to go for a neutral colour or complimentary colour carpet. You will need a bigger sized carpet than the one you now have. If you look online, there are article that mention how to choose your carpet size. Ideally, the carpet should be big enough so that atleast the front legs of the sofa should be placed on it (you can check online).
    The corner decor looks crowded. Remove the glass table on the left side. The potted plant and the big blue pottery jar can be placed down together with a second green plant that is smaller in length than the pottery. Place them where the glass table is now present.
    For the corner space: place the smaller pottery together with the red tea light Holder. You can also place another green plant there.
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    Colour Ur Blank Spaces

    Hi Anuragini,

    Liked the way you combined the printed cushions for the neutral sofa.

    Would advice you to hang the painting a little lower at an eye level. May be having a gap of 10-12" between the sofa and the base of the frame.

    Also the other wall can have some 3D wall art/ mural/ sculpture...put above the sofa, something that would match the overall decor.

    Happy Colouring!

    CUBS Team.

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    Pallavi Gangwal
    Hello Anuragini,
    I liked the vibrant colors you added to the space.. three things I feel can do is: add some color to the wall like any wall paper to one the walls.. keep it very settle.. it will look more lively... 2nd: side table and the centre table are bit too crowed.. can remove the lotus piece from the centre table and any of the pieces from the side table... 3rd: you can add some more lights to the room.. some warm light tint will add a lot to the overall look...