Accessorize my living room

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15 July 2016
Hey guys,
I spent a lot of money on my living room furniture but I need to acessorize in order to bring it all together. I would appreciate any suggestions!
Thanks in advance!

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  • Architectural Notice

    It looks like you could use lamps, throw pillows and a throw blanket.

  • jmm1837

    Lovely furniture, but I think you need a bit more colour in that room. I'd be thinking of art on the walls, and some cushions on the sofa. I'd remove the photos from the mantel and put either a mirror or a painting there, and another art piece above the chair near the window.

  • tlparks

    Could you give us more pics of the room? I agree with all that's been said, but I'm thinking you might also need different drapes hung higher.

  • SandyC.
    I would extend the drapery rods about a foot out on each side of the window and raise them higher. More substantial panels will soften the room. Are they lined? A beautiful piece of art above the fireplace can add some color.
  • Bev

    I agree about you having lovely furniture and you do need more color in the room! You can create a gallery wall or just purchase beautiful art that you love. Purchasing throw pillows to add some color to the room. I'm thinking reds, yellows, turquoise--any of these colors will work!

  • PRO
    Exciting Windows! by Spring Creek Designs, LLC

    Move the small photos off the mantel and hang a larger piece of art above the fireplace. Decorative pillows for the couch. A tray with candles and flowers on the round ottoman. New drapes with some color hung 2 to 3" above the window trim. A side table with a lamp on it between the two blue chairs.

  • tlparks

    I would also consider changing the shades on the sconces near the mantel. They seem dark and dowdy.

  • PRO
    Steve Henderson Fine Art

    Artwork, definitely, although I wouldn't define art as an accessory. With your neutral tones, you could go for even more neutral, to pull the room into a neutral, well, theme, or you could add color, infinitely my preference because color engenders a sense of happiness and well being.

    I agree with Spring Creek Designs about moving the small photos from above the mantlepiece -- it's tempting to use that space for this purpose, but it gives a cluttered look. One larger artwork over the mantle will give a focal point to the room, and you can, but do not have to, accessorize with colors that you pull from the painting.

    When I saw your really beautiful couch, I thought of Ending the Day on a Good Note, one of my nostalgia pieces that fits with the warm, yet sophisticated feeling you're bringing into that room. Twilight Romance adds a touch of romance; and Rhapsody of Roses is a classic floral piece. All three are available as originals on my page at Houzz, and Ending the Day and Rhapsody are one of many prints of my works available at Prints. com ( and Great Big Canvas (

  • PRO
    Carmel Decor

    You have a beautiful foundation, add color and texture with decorative pillows, throws and art work.


  • Avd Avd
    Thank you all. Does anyone know where I can get a nice tray that goes with the ottoman and room?
  • PRO
    Randy Trainor

    Below is an image of one of our designs that might help decorating your space. Take notice of the mirror above the mantel, the pillows, side tables, lamps, flowers, and added decor.

    Interior Design Room Ideas · More Info

  • Avd Avd
    Wow, thank you all for the great suggestions. What color tray would you recommend for the ottoman?
  • 111ideahound

    Reflection Wall Decor · More Info
    for over the fireplace. Artwork

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  • 111ideahound

    Suzanne Carter "Vintage Garden Cush" Flowers Throw Pillow, 16"x16", Outdoor · More Info
    just love this pillow

  • SandyC.
    I would not worry about the small stuff just yet.You need lamps and art and window coverings.
    I like to pick up silver trays, scratches and all, at antique shops you can get a nice large one for a very good price.
  • creative6938

    Beautiful home!
    Pillows on the couches would be a great touch. Pictures on the walls as well would give a more comfortable lived-in feeling.

  • havingfun

    i like both the trays, but thanks for the idea susanc, i think i might do that. also i have a huge tray, nearly 3 feet across, it is decorated, silver colored, which it has never changed in over 20 years. it is a catering service tray, but it works great might want to check those out.

  • havingfun

    i forgot, your room can handle that sconce in fanciness, but it looks rather small and will definitely lend you a froufrou air. and i also agree you need to work on the other things first.

    If you do not like pillows i gave let me so i can clear some space. if it goes too long it won't let me. I will be happy to give others a little guidance would help though.

  • Avd Avd
    Thanks havingfun, I am looking for more formal pillows with pink accents.
  • Avd Avd
    It is very hard for me to commit to ark pieces...please send recommendations.
    Thanks again!
  • havingfun

    art is highly individualized so none of us will not to do that. it is not something you should buy to match the room, you buy it because you love it. it does not have to match anything in the room. personally i always recomend originals these are much less expensive then you think. i have a whole house each piece was under $1o and it comes from around the world. charity stores, auctions, sometimes antique dealers, places like the junior league, yard sales. slightly higher cost local artisans and etsy or saatchiart, i have seen huge paintings for roughly $100. if all of this sounds to much, i can show how to turn your collections into art or online has tons of ideas how to make your own. also etsy and i think saatchi now sell a direct copy to your computer, you can then have it made any way or size you want. it only costs a $1 and whatever your process costs. at least you are not overpaying a big box store and chances are it will still be pretty unique. ie:

    Buy original digital art, drawing, painting, photography and art prints online · More Info

    Saatchi Art Artist: James Mackenzie; Giclee 2016 Printmaking "Desolate Blue 2 - · More Info

  • PRO
    M Whitehurst Designs

    I'd also like to see something tall in the corner. Maybe tiered shelves with greenery added.

  • havingfun pastel paris - Decorative Pillows, Inserts & Covers / Bedding: Home · More Info

    Ribbed Silk 17x17 Throw Pillows from Pillow Decor · More Info

    Pillows | Joss & Main · More Info Yo-You Indoor Square Pillowslip Songbird and Pink Cherry Blossom Mod · More Info

    Spring Meadow Rickrack Striped Pillow | Pier 1 Imports · More Info

    Modern Decorative Pillows - Size: 18" Square | AllModern · More Info

    FADED MULTICOLOR CHECK CUSHION - Decorative Pillows - Decoration | Zara Home Uni · More Info

  • jbtanyderi
    No sitter has any place to set anything down. Replace the drapes with wider lined ones so that the lining will allow their colours to contribute to the room. Lamps would help. De clutter the mantel and install a mirror in the moulding above it. Select art with colour.
  • PRO
    Pamela Qarbaghi

    I only put family photos on tables, never on a fireplace, as it tends to clutter that important area in a room. The fireplace is perfect to create a dramatic focal point for your room. In your case, I would work in some color with art. In a living room, I recommend original artwork, as it elevates a room. I fall back on prints in secondary rooms, but prefer to use original art in living, dining and master bedroom. Here are a few suggestions for your space. I cannot tell the dimensions of the spaces you are showing, so you would need to check sizes.

    Art - Original Abstract Painting, 36 x 36 x 2.5 · More Info
    36" X 36" X 2.5" deep
    You can also look for more art here:

    SOLD!!!-Art - Original Abstract Paintings 30 x 40 SOLD!!! · More Info
    30" X 40" X 1.5"
    Art - Original Abstract Painting, 48 X 30 · More Info
    30" X 48" X 1.5"
    Art - Original Abstract Painting, 48 X 30 · More Info
    30" X 48" X 1.5"
    SOLD!!! Art - Original Abstract Painting, 36 x 36 x 2.5 SOLD!!! · More Info
    36" X 36" X 2.5" deep

  • SandyC.
    I like to put family photos in the bedroom. Also have a huge gallery wall in our hallway for family photos.
  • Amyzing

    111ideahound has beautiful ideas. I would follow Idea's suggestions.

  • jerseygirl6490

    How about some plants or potted trees!

    That corner window area would make a cozy reading nook by swapping out those fussy chairs and adding a chaise in a cool print!

    Add mirrors to reflect all that great natural light!

    The sofa flipped to face fireplace with a sofa table behind would be a nice way to display frames. Try flanking sofa with chairs and non matching side table! Ditch that clumpy ottoman for a glass coffee table and place the rug at an off beat angle! Do you have a style that speaks to you...French country, Asian, animal prints...I've combined different styles and it gives a great collected feel to the room!

    Good luck, post picks off the changes!

  • jerseygirl6490

    Post script....

    when I say swap out or ditch, I mean to use lovingly in another part of the home! All the pieces are lovely, but may be too much in one space!!! That table under window would be perfect behind couch! If I could have a dream job it would be to rearrange other people's stuff lol!

  • havingfun

    i do have a couple ideas for how to arrange the family pics on the wall to make them a cohesive unit.

    The Capistrano - Quail West · More Info
    1 large like a family photo rest smaller and arranged around it. use one color of frame and same size pics
    Long time Lurker- First time poster · More Info
    use a tree sticker or similar and arrange in that.

  • gtcircus
    Here is something artwork for the mantel ideas - all from Horchow. Art is very personal, so you need to pick what you like to look at.
  • gtcircus
    A different direction on the mantel painting
  • gtcircus
    Or perhaps a mirror? Some of these would need to be hung horizontally, not vertically.
  • gtcircus
    Here are some side tables so that guests have someplace to put drinks on - these were all from One Kings Lane and this selection is in gold/brass.
  • gtcircus
    Side table for drinks in silver - all from One's Kings Lane. House probably has some for sale also. These are great because you can easily move them.
  • Avd Avd
    Would this be a good table in between the two blue chairs or is it too bulky?

    Accent Table, Brushed Silver, Mirror · More Info
  • havingfun

    so those are blue and not white chairs? it would be fine. but, you have no other mirrored, there should be 3?

  • nishipriya0804
    Hi these are the pictures of my leaving room. I'm not very happy with the arrangement of furniture, also looking for a good decor ideas which makes it look fabulous. I don't have much space. Also I'm looking to replace the long bench on the wall side by two chairs there. Please advice on. What should I put on the front wall were pictures are placed and also what should I put on the wall were long bench is placed. Please advice looking forward for your suggestions based on which I can redecorate my leaving room. Thanks in advance
  • havingfun

    most of your items are too small. you got rid of the rug? i think would do a lighter color or more blk and white?

  • Neha Batra

    Hi Nishi,

    Beautiful furniture and a very cute cosy nest you have. To begin with replace your existing coffee table with a hard wood simple coffee table. Replace your cushions with an assortment of pink, turquoise and golden yellow in different sizes and shapes, this will add some brightness to the room.Replace the pictures on the wall with a big mirror as per the wall size and add a nice frame to it. On the shelf on the picture wall place the candle stands currently on the centre table. The stools can be replaced with a nice upholstered ottoman bench in a printed fabric as sofa is plain. Cover the entry door with curtains as well so that it gives an illusion of a single wall behind. Since the wall behind the bench is already textured do not put anything on the wall. Remove the white bench there, instead put two big white teracotta pots there of different height and put bamboos on it. Finally put a blue/brown shaggy rug below the coffee table to complete the look. Hope you find the suggestions useful. Also you could put a few glass shelfs on the wall behind the 3 seater and place all your small knick knacks on display

    Like how I have done on my wall

  • Neha Batra

    Some more pics of my living and dining area for your reference Nishi

  • 111ideahound
    Nishi big art behind sofa will pull your room together. I would have put stacked shelves on rock wall.
  • havingfun

    ok guys, we all need to learn to read. this thread ended last july. someone came in march to tack on as a new op, silly me came in to help. they never reposted.

  • Neha Batra

    Oh yeah

  • PRO
    Mehernosh Sidhwa

    Vintage European Metal Warrior · More Info

    I am an antique restorer and collector. Do check some of my show pieces, they would go perfectly!

  • Prachi Buradkar
    Actually there are too many things going on in one room. I would say the accent wall is already having enough texture so you could change the printed curtains to plain ones only. There is no clearly defined decor style. I see too many small vases candle stands around tv unit. Try to choose large and selected pieces. You could also rearrange the photos on the wall. Use only one or two cushions on either sides of sofa. Use a rug. Here are pictures of my living room