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I think there is too much analysis of this article. It is a simple list of tasks a person COULD take if he/she wanted to make a change to de clutter or organize the home. It’s not meant to provide a psychological panacea for those who are either scared of memories and don’t want to collect or for those who keep everything. It’s the how...not the why or the solution to why not.

For every extreme there is a huge spectrum in the middle. I don’t have any videos or music except electronically so there’s no need to de clutter there. Love your books and cookbooks as I do?! Great! I kept the ones I regularly use and love as well as those which have my deceased mother’s handwritten notes in the margins. After a year review, I got rid of any I didn’t or won’t use. There were books that have only one or two recipes I wanted so I took photos or replicated the recipes into an electronic organizer. I mostly only buy eBooks now unless there is something that is amazingly DIY with photos that can’t be denied.

Balance is a great way to live and this nice “gray” area can be modified for any individual’s lifestyle for any area in the home. It doesn’t have to be a splurge or a can be somewhere in between.

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Professional Specialists

Yes, many do. It’s reflective of one’s values.

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I have recently had a slow process, of going through wardrobes discarding clothes, culling office paperwork, laundry cupboards, kitchen Knick knacks ect, including hubby going thru our small garden shed. My best advice, don’t try to do it all in one day. One section at a time, some thing like office paperwork required 2-3 culls.
As we get older I find we need so much less, and despair on the mount of money wasted. Our parents owned very little and would think the money spent is frivolous. They spent money on simpler like good food.
It is a freeing experience having a purge, best thing ever.
My problem is to think twice before making a purchase,
And Not buy more Dust collecting crap.


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