Need help to know more about the foundation

9 years ago
Hello everyone. I've been an avid fan of Houzz since some time and I now have a question to ask. I would be really grateful if I could be given advice.
What I want to ask is that I've got my heart set on a house( no surprises there) and I know absolutely nothing about architecture. The house is barely 10 years old, however the owners used the house for barely 2 years after which they left because they had to shift somewhere else(being in the army).
The house has a beautiful compact design and is open and airy and utilitarian. However, there is one question that I need the answer to and hence the dilemma.
The foundation of the house is in a bad condition. It has started sinking in one area and it might go down another feet. Also the previous owners had built a box room and filled it with trunks on the upper floor on top of the patio(which has no supporting pillars underneath) due to which the roof has started cracking. The foundation and complete ground inside and outside is heavily damp too.
What I need advice on is 1) Should I buy this house?
2) Can a foundation be strengthened without demolishing the entire house and if I wish to build on top in the present condition(I want a reading room and library) is it a good idea(though the foundation has been dug for two floors).
I would greatly appreciate your advice on this. I've my heart set on this house and turn it into my beautiful home, but I do not want to do it by compromising the safety of my family.
Thank you in advance! I am eternally grateful to everyone!

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