Need help in designing interiror for open kitech for livinign room

7 years ago
Hi, I am Priyanka. We have recently booked a new flat it is under development state i.e. the plaster is yet to happen. It has a open kitchen and living room. The space is big enough but I am very confused as how to arrange Dining table, sofa and TV all in this open kitchen + living design.
We are not planning to have puja space in kitchen and also the sink location is not proper for me.
I am attaching image of the floor plan. Please help me with it.
Thanks in advance.

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  • yoboseiyo
    7 years ago
    will you have more cabinets instead of the puja?

    if the view from the windows is nice, i'd put the sink under a window, so you have something to look at when washing dishes/cleaning foodstuffs.

    as for arranging furniture, the way they have it, they must think you have a huge tv, to need to be so far back from it. my goodness.
    besides, the couch blocks the balcony!
    i'd turn that arrangement so that the tv is on the wall with the loveseat, but scooted away from the balcony door, and then arrange the furniture accordingly, making sure there's room to get to the balcony.
    turning the dining table 90° will give more chair room.
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    amydutton Home
    7 years ago
    It looks to me like the sink is in front of the window which is good. If you remove the puja you can add more base cabinets and upper cabinets along the solid wall. Is there any way to add a window? I think it will feel much larger without the puja and you might even be able to get an island in there as well.
    I suggest moving the sofa so that it faces the kitchen sink. Right now it feel crammed in front of the window and that way you can look outside.
    Good luck!
  • topriyankagupta
    Original Author
    7 years ago
    yes we also had similar view that TV should be on the wall opposite to the kitchen platform and have sofa arranges facing TV and leaving space to go to balcony.... But unable to figure out if there is a possibility that we can have the island in kitchen and where in that case where should the dining table be placed?
    Thanks & Regards,