Need kind advise in choosing better plan

Balaji santhosh
2 years ago

Hi All,
We have recently purchased a 3 BHK flat. Have attached the original plan for the same. It has come with 3 toilets (2 attached and a common one), 3 bedrooms and a living cum dining hall.
But we would like to remove the provided common toilet which is next to the kitchen so that it can be used as dining space. This would help us in having a big living room. We are also planning to make one of the attached toilets as a common one by shifting the door to outside the room.
Though we like this idea very much, we are not very sure about the negatives.
I have attached both the plans here - original and proposed. This is just a layman diagram I created using trial version.
Kindly take a look and provide your kind advise on the same.
Thanks in advance everyone.

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