Replacing home interior laminates

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Hi! I'm buying a pre-owned 2BHK flat. The previous owner has chosen high-quality materials for the interiors and everything is in great condition. However, different parts were done at different times, and every room has a different colour and pattern of laminate!
***Would it be cheaper to have all the laminates removed and replaced in the same colour, or should I just redo the interiors altogether?***
There's a tv cabinet, book stand, modular kichen, crockery-cum-puja stand, two-person study unit, plus wardrobes and dressing tables in both rooms. And each of these is a different colour! The kitchen in particular is an ugly combination of bright purple and white. Some are glossy so I'm not sure they can be painted over, either.
Please advise.

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