Window treatment for wide but not very tall windows

Fanxing Kong
8 days ago

I have two side by side sliding windows in master bedroom facing south. They are 46" tall. One is 70" wide, the other 58". I am looking to replace 15-year old blinds.

Functionally, blinds worked well so far: we are able to adjust both the air flow and lights coming in. The down side is they are kinda heavy. We like to have windows open in the morning and closed at night. With sliding windows, It means pull the string at least twice a day, which isn't too much of trouble, but I'd love to know if there are other options. Cellular and roller shade do not have the option to let the air in without letting light in, so not an option for us. Shutter is too bulky to open and close frequently like we do. We also thought about split the large one into two separate blinds. But that means having one more string to pull each time we want to open/close the window.

Appreciate all suggestions.

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