Need recommendations for construction/demolition of wall

5 years ago

Need recommendations for construction/demolition of wall.

1) I have cut a part of wall between kitchen and utility. Also i hv cut the wall between the kitchen and the living room to make it a open kitchen.

2) I have closed the main entrance to the common washroom and 2 bedroodms from living and created 2 extra seperate doors to enter the bedroom from living at 2 ends so tht i can create the 4' by 4' ie 16sq feet space behind the main entrance as common dressing.

3) i hv thought of havign 2 doors for each bedroom. one to enter from living and one to enter into a small passagefor dressing and into the washroom. the second door can also help in going to the other bedroom if need be.

Pls. recommend if this idea is good or not practical. I have autocad drawings but am unable to upload them here. If anyone has the time and would want to help me out with the design, please send me ur email id and i could send the autocad drawing to work.



+91 900 826 0000

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