Help requested for redesigning my kitchen

6 years ago
I am redoing my kitchen as an L-shaped open kitchen. Measurements are 74" on one arm of the L and 94" + 61" on the other arm of the L. The part with 61" has the water connection.
On the 74" arm, I would like to house 3 overhead and base cabinets 2ft+ 2.5ft + 1.5ft

On the 94" arm, I would like 2x18", 1x24" & 1x32" cabinets at the base. And 1x20" plus 1x10" cabinets on each side of the chimney.

Am asuming the chimney would occupy 24-28". Have not yet decided on one yet. Any suggestions?

On the 61" part, I plan to have a 24" x 20" sink and base cabinets 24" and 36". Does a graphite sink work well? Any feedback would be welcome.

Is this a workable option, firstly? Second, what material should I use for the cabinets? Third, any colours you could recommend for granite & cabinets....prefer something light & sunny....
Thanks in advance...

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