Moroccan, Meditteranean, Bohemian

Priya Arun
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

I am thinking about the decor for my living room. A fairly large dining / drawing space with huge French windows and a balcony (11th floor). The builder (by default, not our choice) has provided an blue sponge-painted wall in this space. I initially hated it but then decided to use it to my advantage. 1. I love the Moroccan decor and I want to do up the room in that style, so that I can use the blue wall, add some green and white elements and slowly build on the Moroccan theme. 2. I'm now thinking if the Moroccan theme will be too limiting. I greatly love the Bohemian style too. Should I think of that instead? Is it more versatile? 3. What about the Meditteranean decor? I gather it is again a lot to with the sand and the sea and its colours. But I really need to do research about this. 4. Should the entire house follow the same theme? Can each room have a different appeal to it? Like say, Moroccan in the dinining and English country in the kitchen? Will it be too jarring? Your advice please.

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