Need help to fit a powder room into the living and dining space

10 years ago
Attached here is the plan of the proposed aptment under construction. We plan to attach the common toilet shown in the plan to the third ( guest bedroom). The living space ( including the dining space) is about 27.3 ft and 13.3 ft in size.

I would like to include :
1. a partition between in living space and dining space. This would hold up the TV wall mounted with the various 3 ch speakers and also act as a divider between living and dining.

2. And would like to include a small powder room at the end of the dining area. I think it should be okay to have a 4*4 space for the powder ( one small basin and WC). Any ideas on how to save the floor space , i was thinking dry wall/ Wood. Which would be cheaper option?

Could you please let me know if we could squeeze in, space for powder room and use the light from window at the end of dining/ or an over kill?

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