HELP! Kitchen Layout Headache...

6 years ago
I need help figuring out what to do with the end of my run of cabinets. I was originally planning on running them all the way to the end of the wall near the entry way, but the wall is currently only 14.5" deep, with a 42" wide open doorway. My contractor was worried the doorway would be too narrow (31" wide if I make the wall 25.5"), so he widened the doorway to 42".

With the wall only 14.5" deep, I'm not sure what to do with my cabinets. Should I run them all the way to the wall, or should I just end them somewhere before the wall and have an open space? Or should I have the contractor build out the wall to 25.5" and live with a 31" wide doorway?
Leave gap between cabinets and wall
No gap, run cabinets to wall.
Extend wall, narrow doorway to 31"
Something else

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